Long Forgotten Photographs

February 13th, 2008 By: atomicgirl

There was a time that when there were occasions, we would take a roll of film and click away. After it is used up, we then rush to a shop that develops films and then come back after an hour or so. The photographs would be ready and then we would put them in albums. When there are visitors, you would proudly display your albums and let them browse through the lot while waiting for you or for whoever they are waiting for.

With digital cameras around, we sometimes get lazy. We now have memory cards which have huge capacities. And this means that we get to take hundreds (or maybe even thousands) of photographs with just one memory card and still not be able to print out the images. Or if our memory cards are already full, we would take out the memory card and transfer the images stored in it to our computers, our mobile phones, or our flash drives. And there it would stay and be forgotten… well, until we open up the file again.

The thing here is that, by using digital cameras, we already see just how the picture turns out. And with that being said, it means that we are no longer excited for them to be printed out. We would just transfer the images to our computer and forget that we have stored such and such photographs there.

Somehow, we have not been preserving our images. We have only been storing them. We never do know when our files would be corrupted and our digital photographs would be sent to cyberheaven.

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