De-Clutter Your Subject’s Background

February 18th, 2008 By: atomicgirl

Around a year ago when my digital camera was still new, I had this habit of bringing my camera with me every time I went out of the house. I wanted to capture tons of images that I thought was interesting and would be a good subject. All I did was click away and never did I mind any elements that had an effect on the image. All I wanted was to capture the image (or the situation) and that was it.

I got so interested in taking photographs that I trooped to our home library and located that book on photography that I knew my dad had. I read tips and tricks on how to work well with my camera so as to be able to have dazzling images that would make viewers take a look at it for seconds longer than what they would spend on an ordinary photograph.

One of the things I also learnt was that to be able to make your subject stand out, what a photographer would need to do would be to make sure that the background is not cluttered. When I say cluttered, it means that it is messy and so that it creates a distraction. Instead of the viewer focusing on the subject, they are also distracted by whatever is in the background.

How do you de-clutter your background? One would be to use a simple background. If it is all blue, then make it all blue. You could also try to focus your lenses so much so that the subject is more focused and the background blurs away.

Try experimenting with your camera and you would be able to find more ways on how to de-clutter your background. If you discover a new trick on how to do this, leave a message so we could all try it out.

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