The PayPal Experience

January 16th, 2008 By: atomicgirl

Ever since I have heard of Paypal, I started out by signing up an account with them. See, I always wanted to take on freelance jobs even from abroad and the easiest way to be paid would be through Paypal. I did have to wait quite some time before I was able to fully utilize the whole set of features that they had to offer.

When PayPal finally gave account holders from the Philippines full use of their services, I took advantage of that. I took on some freelance writing jobs from other countries and they paid me via PayPal. They sent the payment to my account and in just a matter of seconds, the amount was already credited to my account. It was that easy.

The downside of it all was that I had no idea how I would be spending my money. I could take my money out of my PayPal account but I would be charged $5. $5 may not seem to be a huge amount for some but if you were here in the Philippines, you would know that $5 is already a huge amount. So I decided to keep my money in my PayPal account and wait for some opportunity where I could make use of my money.

Then I got hooked on online games. I found out that I could buy a full version of those games I play and pay the company via PayPal. And that is what I did. I send the amount as instructed by the website and in a few seconds, I had my full version of the game I wanted and I had made use of my online money.

Oh the wonders of technology, the Internet, and PayPal.

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One Response to “The PayPal Experience”

  1. Hi Neil and LindaWell what a good idea a little light heeatrd relief from all the internet noise and big new product launches!well done!I guess I’ll have to agree because when I heard it, I had to laugh because it is so Michael Cheney .close your eyes and imagine a scotsman with a rather weird sense of humour .$37 a week ( now no Scotsman likes to spend money do they?especially $37 a week!take careregardsGraham in the U.K.

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