New Computers, Old drives

February 20th, 2008 By: Ryann

We cannot stop technology from upgrading. But we can still use our old hardwares on computer upgrades to lessen expenses.

Before, I am using hardware for my daily needs: AMD Athlon XP 2800+, PQI 1GB (512MB x 2) DDR400 memory, ECS N2U400-A mainboard, Palit GeForce 6600GT 256MB GDDR3 AGP8X videocard, Seagate 80GB harddrive, Lite-On DVD-ROM 16x, Lite-On DVD-Writer 18x, and 15″ AOC CRT Monitor. Software and game requirements doesn’t end here.. so I need an upgrade sooner.

I upgrade my old PC (socket 462) into a dual core AMD system (Socket AM2). My new EMAXX NF7050HD-PRO mainboard supports PCI-Express videocard, 2 IDE devices, 4 SATA connections, USB connections and 7.1 Channel sound on board. Things makes complicated when I purchase this mainboard for my dual-core setup. Mainboard nowadays supports only 2 IDE devices. This means I need to remove one of my IDE devices.

I’ve researched things on how can I use my old drives without disposing or removing them. I got two option, connecting via USB enclosure or through an IDE-to-SATA converter.

SATAI already have Seagate 40GB in USB enclosure running before I upgrade my PC. Harddrive performance connected via USB port wasn’t fast enough. So I think that option won’t be recommended. I’ve tried IDE-to-SATA and it works perfectly on my machine. I attached my harddrive into IDE-to-SATA converter and run as my primary drive.

Performance is based on PATA (Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment or well known IDE drives) even it is connected via SATA ports. Since the harddrive is designed as PATA device, it only runs at it’s speed. So don’t expect performance will improvement when connected on IDE-to-SATA converter.

With the help of IDE-to-SATA converter, I can use my old three PATA drives without removing one of them. Sooner, I’ll upgrade into SATA interface when it is necessary to upgrade my hardware. By now, I save money on investing new hardware and throwing away my old devices.

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