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August 3rd, 2007 By: abi

Most beginners find it difficult to choose a certain theme for their first blog.  Especially when you’re considering earning money from it in the future, you’ll get all confused with the pool of topics.  A sure way to create a niche for yourself in this blog world is to begin with your personal blog.  Yes, write about your daily irks and pleasures and you’re on the right portal.  Corporate or entrepreneurial blogs seem sleek but the writers behind those usually mastered their skills with their personal blogs.

Several blog sites are usually free and offer step by step guides.  Sign up with one and familiarize yourself with the basic tools.  What matters is that you get to scribble your thoughts.  The frequent you write, the more you’ll get an idea of the best topic for your next blog.  Personal blogs will also give you insight if you can carry on with blogging.  Some people are just excited on the onset but later realize that blogging is not for them.  With a free blog, you have practically nothing to lose.

Personal blogs will not only acquaint you with your blogging habits but will also introduce you to the blogging scene.  You’ll discover the way bloggers interact and gather useful tips on your way.  Remember that readership is an important consideration if you want to be a professional blogger.  Overtime, you’ll receive feedback from your readers and from other bloggers.  This will help you evaluate your next move.  When you finally have your commercial blog, you can gain traffic from your personal blog’s followers. 

With all the advice you can get, just start with the thought that blogging should be fun so don’t forget to enjoy while you’re at it.

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